March 18, 2019

What to Expect

  1. The Welcome Call
    You’ll receive an initial call from the office welcoming you to the Columbus Bath family and congratulating you on your investment into your home.
  2. Lending Agreement
    A Finance Manager will detail the lending agreement and explain the various payment options to you.
  3. Pre-installation Walkthrough
    While the financing and cost details are being worked out, a walkthrough of the home will be scheduled with a member of the production department.
  4. Compliance
    The certified installers will ensure that every job meets local building codes prior to installation.
  5. Installation Appointment
    You will receive an installation start date to expect the contractors to begin work on your home. Our certified installers are then committed only to your project, to make sure we meet our deadline.
  6. Installation Begins
    The installation team will arrive and make sure that you are comfortable with every step of the construction process.
  7. Installation Completion
    The Project Manager assigned to your installation will provide you with constant updates throughout the process and serve as your point of contact should you have any questions.
  8. Final Walk Through
    Once the project is complete, the Project
    Manager will conduct a final walk through with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied.
  9. Warranty Registration
    Our bathroom products come with a limited lifetime warranty, which the Project Manager will review with you.
  10. Customer Satisfaction Survey
    The final step will be completing a survey to let your installers know how they’ve done and identify any areas where they can better serve customers in the future.